The 10 Hottest Wives/Girlfriends Of Cricketers

Check Out The 10 Hottest Wives/Girlfriends Of Cricketers. But who are the BEST EVER? Who have made it to our top ten list of hottest WAGs of cricketers of all time? Check out more details here.. Lets find out all the details.. Check out…

Behind every successful man, there is a woman, they say. Since the time there have been sportsmen, there have been the women involved with them. They may not always be known, but are popular nonetheless, given the kind of media coverage cricketers lives are subject to.

Along with the cricketers themselves, the second most important person are their wives and girlfriends, a.k.a. WAGs. They support their men, on and off the field. Earlier WAGS were given impetus mostly in football, but now WAGS of cricketers are getting more popular as the gentlemen’s game is creating waves all across the world.

We do not intend to stereotype these women, as each of them is talented and skilled at whatever they do. Be it an iron-woman, a tennis player, a karate champion, an actress or an anchor, they are all professionals who have carved their own niche in life.

But who are the BEST EVER? Who have made it to our top ten list of hottest WAGs of cricketers of all time? Read to find out.

1) Jassym Lora – Andre Russell

Pic Source : West Indies Cricket Trolls

Andre Russell or ‘Muscle Russell’ as he is popularly known, is one of the hottest West Indian cricketers in modern times. Just like his chiseled and well sculpted body, his ‘bae’ the gorgeous Jassym Lora has a personality and figure that many can only dream of! A model from Dominican Republic, her instagram account has more than 20k followers. (And you can see the reason why!)

There is absolutely no doubt that Russel and the beautiful Jassym make one of the hottest cricketing pairs hands-down! Just for our viewers to know they both got engaged in November 2014 and tied the knot on 28th July 2016.


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