10 Super Expensive Things That Virat Kohli Could Easily Afford

Virat Kohli is amongst the Richest Cricketers in the World. He recently signed a 100 Crore Deal with Puma which certainly speaks a lot about his financial status. The current Indian Captain is also in a Grade A Contract with the Board Of Control Cricket India and earns 5 Crores as a retainer which does not include his per match cost.

Along with this, he is the associated with several other brands and his estimated worth is said to be at approximately 400 Crores. Yes, you read that right. He is also planning to open a chain of gyms across the country and it is expected that his wealth will rise by 140 % in the next 1 year provided he continues this run of form.

Virat is only 28 at the moment and while only time will tell how many more records he goes on to break, let’s look at all he can do with the money he has earned by his hard work so far.

1.Buy a Mansion

                                               Source: www.magnolias.in

A home is where you live for the rest of your lives and the most major investment in everyone’s life. Even if he spends 50 Crores on a house which is peanuts for him, he could get a house in the most expensive property of India Nariman Point. As per sources, Kohli has already invested in a few sprawling properties especially around Delhi NCR. Well, we are sure that he would also have a couple of farm houses as well which we have never heard about. What can one do with so much money? Having said that, Kohli deserves every single penny of it.


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