15 GIFs Every AB De Villiers Fan Would Want To Watch Again And Again

There is no better sight in World Cricket in todays generation than an AB De Villiers on song. He smashes it to all corners of the park and he does it with so much finesse like none other. If your opponents and specially their fans go all Ga- ga about you, even after you have smashed the daylights out of the opposition you have to AB De Villiers.

Picture a typical South African sportsperson- rough, resilient, rugged- That’s Abraham Benjamin De Villiers for you Ladies And Gentlemen. He has done some crazy things in the past, and is expected to do a few more at least till the 2019 World Cup.

Cric Crak Presents To You 13 Such GIFs Which Prove That The Law Of Physics Don’t Apply To ABD:

1. When He Hit It So Hight That It Could Actually Kiss An Air Hostess And Come Back

There she goes, and there she disappear’s! Absolute Carnage by the great man. AB De Villiers represents his franchise Royal Challengers Bangalore In The IPL, and has been a major contributor to their success over all these years. Only if him and Kohli would have got a bit more support, specially from the bowlers, RCB could have been Champions at least a few times by now.


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