Cricket is a funny game, it is a game of loss and fame. The Indian Team has many good players, but before playing they must say their prayers. Well, we really feel like being funny and we are trying our level best so please cut us some slack. As we all know, cricket can get hectic at times. It’s a stressful game.

Yes, it is the best game in the World and it is a lot of fun and that’s exactly why it gets so stressful at times. Imagine when you’re forced to sing at a party by your friends? A few might enjoy it but then there is also always some fright to face the big occasion on the big stage. It’s not easy to perform especially when the World is watching you but if you perform well, the fruit is surely the tastiest thereafter. You can a hero to a zero or vice versa in no time. Alright, let’s not get serious anymore as today we are here to have some fun.

We present to you a few really Hillarious Cricket GIFs which will surely make you laugh.

1. The Celebration

We remember watching this game and having a really good laugh. Mohammad Ifran is 7 feet 1 inch tall. It’s funny whenever there are people around him which they mostly are. During this incident, Irfan decided to have some fun with his team mates after taking a wicket. This one is surely hilarious.

Reach Him If You Can.

2. The Hi- 5

He took the word Hi- 5 way too seriously after his team got a wicket. What happens next will leave you in splits.

And Mr Shazad had a great fall.

3. Mr Lucky

He had surely dropped this one and there was absolutely no chance that even he would have thought to catch this one.

Have you ever seen something like that before?

4.The Chris Gayle Show

Chris Gayle decided to imitate Big Show during an Indian Premier League game. The Caribbeans surely know how to have fun.

5. Virat Kohli’s Error Of Judgement

This happened back in the days when Virat Kohli had a wardrobe malfunction. Luckily, he quickly recovered from it though.

His Reaction was totally epic.



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