5 Indian Cricketers And Their Superstitions

Cricketers are known to be quite superstitious. There is nothing right or wrong with that and this blog is not about that either. This is more to let you know the weirdly funny superstitions some of our legendary cricketers follow during a match. They claim that these superstitions help them perform better and who are we to argue? They have done so much for the country and all of them have been legends of the game. That’s all we care about eventually and that’s what they too care about eventually. In the end, we all wanted them to do well for India and so they did.

1.Ashwin – 2011 World Cup

Source: Cricket Country.com

Remember the 2011 World Cup? Off- Course you do. How can you ever forget that one? Before the World Cup started Ashwin decided to carry his lucky bag with him and promised to carry it with him to all the venues. He believed that the bag would get good luck to the entire team. Ashwin ended up playing just 2 games in that tournament but it will surely be a bag to remember for Team India.


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