5 Reasons Why Sehwag Is One Of India’s Favourite Cricketers

When we speak of freedom and uncanny batting style in the world of cricket one name that comes to mind is none other than Virender Sehwag. Sehwag has been another name for destruction, a person who didn’t care about the bowler or the pitch or the situation. His interests to hit a boundary and score a century proves his destructive and nonchalant way of batting.

If other than Sachin Tendulkar any Indian opener was loved: it was Sehwag. His batting skills gave him immense success in the shorter formats of the game but took few years to make his stand in the test cricket. Retirement has just brought out the best in him as he now powers the 22 yards with his wits and humor and people enjoy this after innings a lot.

We all do love Viru but what are the reasons and why? Let’s have a look.

1) The Careless Man

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Source: CricketCountry.com

Virender Sehwag himself said,” I am my own favorite” and there are reasons why we have no doubt in that definitely. Most of the times when a batsman comes out to play in an adverse situation or a destructive bowler he plays after analyzing the situation. But Sehwag had his own methods and truly an exception in his own way. His method of playing was never defensive but always attacking. He used to slay the bowlers and started hitting if the ball demanded maybe in the first ball of the innings or the last. Not to mention lots of times he was criticised by the management and fans for throwing away his wickets in a tense situation but that didn’t affect the man as he kept on his prowess and the management too understood its better to let Sehwag play his natural games.


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