5 Things Which Only A Selfless Cricketer Like MS Dhoni Can Do

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been one of the best captains cricket has ever produced and there is no higher praise than that. We already know about the number of trophies he has in his cabinet and the different varieties it showcases. This man has done it all, this man has won it all. Dhoni is an emotion for people in India and someone who is also highly respected Worldwide.

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The former Indian Captain has also been one of the best finishers in World Cricket. Whether he has been the best finisher ever? Well, that’s something which might be debatable if you are a Die- Hard Micheal Bevan fan so we shall leave that to another blog.This one is to celebrate and recall the ‘Greatness’ of Mahendra Singh Dhoni and we will take you on exactly that road.

Over the years Dhoni has showcased enormous amount of selfless acts on the field which only proves that the man truly believes that nobody is bigger than the game. It also proves that in order to be a good cricketer and taste success like he has, it is also important to be a good human being.

1.Dhoni Post A Series Win

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India won most of their series under Mahendra Singh Dhoni. After the end of the series as protocol, the winning team gets into a group picture with the Trophy presented to the Captain during the presentation ceremony. Dhoni being Dhoni always handed over the trophy to his team only to be seen somewhere on the side of the frame away from all the limelight. He always let the youngsters of the team get their hands on the precious trophy and Cric Crak is glad to see that Virat Kohli is going in exactly that direction.

2.Team First, Dhoni Later

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Yes, as a cricketer you should always think about the team first and then yourself but Dhoni was special. The word ‘Yourself’ did not feature at all in Dhoni’s dictionary. He has always put the team before him and that’s exactly what made him the most successful captain in the history of the sport.

Remember when he retired from Test Cricket? Remember when he was grooming Virat Kohli to be the next captain? Remember when he gave up even limited overs captaincy when nobody in the world could remove him considering the amount of success he achieved? But that’s what all wise men do. They leave when they know it’s the right time. Dhoni made sure India had a new captain ready in King Kohli.

3. Winning Runs

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It is an absolute honor for any cricketer to score the winning runs for their country but Dhoni has sacrificed that aspect as well so many times. Imagine after doing all the hard work and helping your team reach the finish line you let someone else enjoy the fruit. Well, that’s how Dhoni gets joy. That’s what Dhoni is all about.  By no means, we are trying to imply that he was the one who always did the bulk of the scoring. Yes, he mostly did but there have been many instances where Kohli and Dhoni have been in a partnership and he has let the former finish the game just because he got a century and he thought that Kohli deserved it more. That is what we call a Team Man.

4. Taking Risks Like Only He Can

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What if Mishab Ul Haq did not play that shot during the 2007 World Cup Final? What if Joginder Sharma bowled some other kind of delivery instead? What if the move of giving the ball to an expensive Ishant Sharma in the 2013 Champions Trophy Final backfired? Well, considering that everyone is still after that Bumrah No- Ball, the World could have been against MS Dhoni. He had the option though to play safe. He could have bowled Harbhajan instead in 2007 and Ashwin in 2013 but he decided to go with his instinct even knowing that if he gets it wrong, he could surely lose a lot of his charm. But he did not care. For him, he just wanted to win the World Cup’s badly and in the end, it did matter.

5. Missed The Birth Of His Daughter For The Country

Source: The Indian Express

Back in 2015, When Dhoni’s daughter Ziva was born, he was on an Australian tour down under. Yes, he did not fly back to India to be with his daughter. When asked why, the former Indian Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni quoted, ” National duty comes first. Everything else can wait”. Not that he got to spend a lot of time with Ziva even after the Australian series as the World Cup was around the corner. He happily expressed though, that he will spend plenty of time with her after the World Cup gets over and so he did.

Do we need to say more about the ‘Greatness’ Of this man? They say they don’t make such men anymore. Cric Crak wishes more ‘Power’ to Mahendra Singh Dhoni and hopes to see him lift the World Cup with Captain Kohli in 2019.


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