7 Best Innings of Virat Kohli’s Career Till December 2017

7. 103(295) vs England

Source: Quora

It was a trademark inning in his career and a big step in learning how to play calm and quite innings. 103 in 295 just showed that his patience to play and be dependable was building up in longer formats of the game. Such a run at a slow run rate was needed in a slow track when India lost early wickets and was 71 for 4.

There are lot more of innings that shows his prowess in the game and why he is the best at his age and he keeps on breaking and making records. recently he is the only batsman to have 50+ average in all formats. He also broke West Indies skipper Brian Lara’s record for becoming the captain with most double tons in test cricket. With many more years to go we are sure that he has more to deliver and achieve.


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