KRK does not stop… He really does not but he really should now!

Self-proclaimed critic Kamaal R Khan who just recently took a dig at Sachin’s documentary without even watching it has now targeted MS Dhoni’s biopic suddenly out of the blue for no rhyme or reason. Well, that is what he is known for we guess.

KRK who loves to be in the limelight by his absurd tweets has been on a tweeting spree since the last 1 week. We all know how cricket fans around the world were left fuming when he passed comments on Sachin’s movie via the mico-blogging site Twitter. He had stated that Sachin: A Billion Dreams was just a mere documentary of the cricketer with old available videos, which he cannot tolerate at all. He also played the ‘Prediction Guru’ and went on to further state that he did not think the film will do the business of more than 2- 3 Crores on an opening day. Well, there are no prizes to guess that he was wrong as usual as the movie went on to make 8.40 Crore on an opening day and still counting!

Just when cricket fans started to move on with life, thinking and accepting that KRK could do anything for publicity and the best solution to this is to not pay attention to him, the attention seeker KRK did it one more time! This time he tweeted his thoughts about MS Dhoni: The Untold Story

According to him Dhoni’s movie did well because of Dhoni and not because of Sushant Singh Rajput.  Sushant is famously known and loved by cricket fans around the World for playing Dhoni in his biopic which released last year.

Cric Crak is baffled by this and really feels that just like everyone else in the World KRK should also think twice before he speaks/ tweets.  Last week he had a problem with Sachin’s movie. Now, after the success of Sachin: A Billion Dreams he has started to compare it with MS Dhoni: The Untold Story and is trying unnecessary rifts.

According to him Sachin’s movie had a better opening than The Untold Story because it is not about the ‘Hero’ and it is all about the ‘Cricketer’ and The Untold Story too did well because of the man himself rather than because of Sushant.


Just for everyone’s information here, Dhoni made 21.30 Crores on its day of release as compared to Sachin’s 8.40 Crore so clearly KRK has got it all wrong one more time! Having said that, Cric Crak completely understands and acknowledges that Sachin’s movie was more of a documentary which targeted a specific set of people who associate with the game and the cricketer. In that aspect, it has done quite well feels Cric Crak.

P.S We are not comparing both the movies/ cricketers and strongly feel that both the films/ cricketers are wonderful in their own sweet way! As far as KRK is concerned, Get A Life Man- Leave The Legends Alone as they do not need your opinion and neither do the fans 🙂




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