There is a very strong chance that we might see another India Vs Pakistan match soon, and that too in India, as the BCCI is trying their level best to convince the Indian government to allow them to host the Asia cup next year.

Its been a while that the 2 countries have played against each other other than at neutral venues, in World Cups or major ICC events.

Source: Zee News India

So The Story Goes Like :

The BCCI was all set to host the U- 19 Asia cup in India this year but the Pakistan board refused their team to travel to India citing security concerns. As a result the event had to be shifted to Malaysia .

According to a senior board official quoted, “As for the Indian board they are badly in need of clearance from the ruling government. We had written to the government for the U- 19 Asia cup 3 months ago and we did not get a response so the event had to be shifted to Malaysia. Now for the senior event we will again write to the government as there cannot be an Asia cup without an India or Pakistan”.


If the ruling government does give a go ahead, the Asia cup will be held around october 2018 unlike June because of the monsoon in India. The source further added that they are trying to make the government understand that the Asia cup would be incomplete without the thrill of an India Vs Pakistan match and if that does not happen the tournament will be meaningless .

Cric Crak feels if you purely look at it from a cricketing point of view an India Vs Pakistan match at our doorsteps in an event as big as an Asia cup is exactly what the doctor ordered. Having said that, lets not forget Pakistan too denied playing the U- 19 Asia cup in India as mentioned above but Cric Crak feels if BCCI invite them, their senior team will surely tour India. Lets not forget India is the richest board in the World and it could be a big revenue source for Pakistan as well with all due respect to the PCB.



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