In some breaking news coming in which might also be very sad news for Indian Cricket Fans the Indian Premier League edition in the year 2019 might not be held in India. As sad as that might sound Ladies and Gentlemen, we indeed might have a repeat of what happened in 2009.


It was because of the elections then, and it might be because of the elections in 2019. Yes, you read that right. There is a very serious possibility that due to the general elections scheduled for the same time around when the IPL is scheduled the entire league might be shifted to South Africa.

Something similar also happened in the year 2015 when the first 15 days of the league was staged in Dubai. While we still don’t have an official word from the Indian Cricket Board, we do know for sure that the elections will happen during that time and there is nobody who could change that.

Image Source: India Today

By the looks of things, we might lose out on a bit of fun on next year’s Indian Premier League, especially if you were planning to go watch live. Having said that, let’s hope that the BCCI find a way around it and avoids all of us to get into a situation we would totally dread.



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