Breaking News: Mahendra Singh Dhoni Might Not Play For Chennai In IPL 2018 But Why?

As per a few media reports doing the rounds, almost 80 % of the Team owners are against the idea of retaining older players as they strongly believe that during a Mega- Auction just like Soccer, a player should be free to go to any team he wants depending on the financial offer. Also the fact that if retention is allowed they feel most of the teams will retain their major players which will kill the entire charm and purpose of it.

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On the other hand, previously discarded Teams like CSK and Rajasthan Royals make a comeback after 2 years and would eagerly be wishing to retain their main players. There are a couple of meetings lined up between the IPL Governing Council and the Team Owners and we are hoping to come to a decision really soon.

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What does this mean then? Well, for starters- There might not be any Virat Kohli playing for the Royal Challengers Bangalore, there might not even be any Rohit Sharma or Gautam Gambhir for Mumbai or Kolkata.  No that is not it. The saddest part of everything would be to be denied an opportunity to watch Mahendra Singh Dhoni in the yellow jersey leading the yellow brigade all over again just like the good old days.




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