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GIF: 10 Funniest Bowling Actions In The History Of Cricket

Cricket is a Gentlemen's game they always said, but cricket would be so batsman friendly they never said, never even imagined rather. These days with the rise of T20 cricket the batsman have invented so many new shots ( Helicopter,...

Professions Of The Wives Of The Top 5 Famous Indian Cricketers

Indian women have always been talented. The problem over these years has been lack of opportunity but that is not the case anymore at least in the urban areas of the society. From Sushma Swaraj to Sania Mirza, from...

This Is What Happened When A 16 Year Old Sachin Was Sledged By Pakistan...

Well, sledging instances are an act to piss the f*** out of your opposition hoping that they get frustrated and do something silly.. From friendly banter to sarcastic replies, from challenging remarks to insulting comments, the purpose of sledging is to distract the opposing team and create tension in the game. Here are some crazy sledging instances which will either make you laugh or make you cringe..

The 10 Hottest Wives/Girlfriends Of Cricketers

Check Out The 10 Hottest Wives/Girlfriends Of Cricketers. But who are the BEST EVER? Who have made it to our top ten list of hottest WAGs of cricketers of all time? Check out more details here.. Lets find out all...

15 GIFs Every AB De Villiers Fan Would Want To Watch Again And Again

There is no better sight in World Cricket in todays generation than an AB De Villiers on song. He smashes it to all corners of the park and he does it with so much finesse like none other. If your...

Knowing Kedar Jadhav’s Ultimate Wish Will Surely Make You Remember Your School Days

He stands at 5’4 feet, goes by the name of ‘Chota Sehwag’ in his locality and is a ‘first-day first show’ kind of a fan of Bollywood actor Salman Khan. One may call him a late bloomer, considering the fact that he made his debut at the age of 28, but the man believes he has a lot to deliver when it comes to carrying the hopes of billions.

This Is What Rahul Dravid Told KL Rahul Which Changed His Life

KL Rahul’s father Mr.KN Lokesh who is a professor at the National Institute of Technology was a huge of fan of Sunil Gavaskar and wanted to name his son after Sunil Gavaskar’s son. He mistook Rohan Gavaskar’s name and kept KL’s name as Rahul instead of Rohan. Now that was some serious confusion! Cric-Crak presents to you 8 facts that will help you know more about KL Rahul!

Hat Trick Hero Makes A Shocking Statement On The Coach

22-year old slow left-arm chinaman bowler Kuldeep Yadav is one of the rare talents in the game of cricket. The UP-born bowler has been in scintillating form in the recent past. Once a Mumbai Indian, is now a KKR man, Kuldeep is surely a very rare find in today’s day and age. What changed his life though and what made him cry before making this life changing decision? Let's find out..

7 Facts About Gully Cricket Which You Will Find Only In India!

We as Indians love cricket. We are crazy about cricket! Almost all of us have grown up playing or watching this beautiful sport. Even if we did not have access to pitches or stadiums, we somehow always managed to create our very own Eden Gardens in our neighbourhood 'gullies'. So what if the boundaries were short? There was always one tip one hand to counter that advantage in gully cricket :)

GIF: 10 Funniest Moments In The History Of Cricket

Title: GIF: 10 Funniest Moments In The History Of Cricket. Check out the top 10 funny moments in the history of cricket which will make you laugh your ass off. Check these out right here.... Cricket is a funny game. It...