This is certainly not good news for Yuvraj Singh and his fans. Before we tell you what exactly happened, we would like to let you know that by no means do we feel Yuvraj Singh is guilty. We believe that the court of law would be the best judge of this and we shall leave to the judiciary system to make their decisions.

Source: Zee News

Akanksha Sharma who is the wife of Yuvraj Singh’s Brother Zoravar Singh has filed a case of domestic violence against Zoravar, Shabnam and even against the left-handed batsman Yuvraj Singh. According to a report in spoteboye, Akansha has not confirmed this news but her lawyer Swati Singh Malik has indeed.

As far as Yuvraj Singh is concerned, the lawyer said that she felt it’s not only about physical torture all the time, but it’s also about mental and financial torture. Swati quoted that Yuvraj just like his entire family forced Akansha to have a baby even when she did not wish too. She also quoted that Yuvraj tortured her financially under the influence of his mom. No, Swati did not stop here. She further went on to term Shabnam as a very dominating lady and said that Akansha and Shabnam were at her mercy for every decision.


Cric Crak wishes more ‘Power’ to the entire ‘Singh’ family and hopes that the universe gives them the energy to fight these hard times.  In the end, this too shall pass.



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