Story Of The First ODI

A decent start by the Sri Lankan openers, then a collapse and in the end India win by almost all the wickets left.

Story Of The Second ODI

A decent start by the Sri Lankan openers, then a collapse and in the end India win by.. no wait.. ‘What The Dananjaya Just Happened’? The journey between 109-1 to 131-7 had Akila Dananjaya written all over it. The Indian captain Virat Kohli’s reaction after losing his wicket to a peach of a delivery by the 23 year old said it all. He was deceived like he might be in school days while playing backyard cricket or maybe not even that because Virat Kohli is very very special.

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During the post match presentation, before the commentator could even ask him, Kohli himself gave a special mention about Dananjaya and quoted, ” If I would have come in at number 3 I would have still go out to the ball, sometimes you just have to give credit to the bowler “.

In between all this drama was standing a man who loves to be in this situation. A man who is known as the best finisher of all time in ODI cricket. A few of them thought he is getting too old, Cric Crak says yes he is but so what?

They always said age is just another number, what matters is performance . If the bat does the talking no one else does and thats exactly what happened last night in the case of the former Indian Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

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India were struggling, the scoreboard read 131- 7 with still 100 runs to win. In came Bhuvneshwar Kumar. There is no doubt that he deserves equal credit for hanging in there with Dhoni. A few might argue that he actually deserves more  as he scored more runs but the real cricket pundits would know what Cric Crak is talking about here. He needed a Dhoni to score those runs, he needed a Dhoni to put his arm around and guide him to cruise control mode.

Does that mean Dhoni takes the entire cake? No but thats why its called a partnership! They both set it beautifully for a magnificent Indian win. Cric Crak is glad that India was finally tested last night and came out with flying colors.

To celebrate this special win, his former franchise Chennai Super Kings had a heart-warming message for him which won the hearts of millions of his fans across the globe.

Cric Crak is glad that India won and how!. More “Power’ to the Indian cricket team!.



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