Read: Why Did David Warner Bat Right Handed For An Entire Season?

David Andrew Warner – The Name Says It All! When he walks onto the field the bowlers get goose bumps because that’s the reputation this” POCKET DYNAMITE” from New South Wales has. He is surely an asset for any team at the top of the order.When the ball is new and shining he makes sure that it’s not new and shining anymore by smashing it all over in those all important power- play overs.

David Warner, 30 has played several matches-winning knocks for Australia over the years and was also one of the key members of the men in yellow’s glorious run in the ICC cricket world cup in 2015.He has destroyed many bowling attacks WORLDWIDE! The format or the situation never affects his style of play and it’s either his way or the highway!
Warner is one of the pioneers of the reverse hit or the switch hit as they say and has used it to great effect in many situations. Picture a typical Aussie Lad- who is never shy of giving a piece or two or three his mind to his opponents and that’s exactly the personality David Warner is.

Cric-Crak brings to you 7 Facts of warner that will leave you Absolutely Shell Shocked!

  • He was a part of a cricket team at the age of 5!

Warner had joined the coastal cricket club at the age of 5 as a part of their under- 8 team. He was extremely talented from his younger days and surely made his seniors feel like his juniors by sheer dominance.

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  • Batted Right Handed For An Entire Season When He Was 13.

Yeah, you read that right!  The 13-year-old Warner was asked by his coach to start batting right-handed as he felt that David plays too much in the air.  He tried that for a month but eventually shifted back to his natural style.

Ever wondered how he plays the switch hit so well? Now you know why 🙂

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source-ESPN Cricinfo

  • A Very Very Rare Record David Warner Holds.

When Warner made his debut on 11th Jan 2009 Vs the mighty South Africans at the iconic MCG he became the first player from Australia to grab the baggy green without playing a single first-class match. Not to forget he eventually went on to have a dream debut by smashing 89 runs in only 43 balls.

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  • Great At Multi- Tasking

How many times have you heard that a man Who goes out with a kaboom bat and smokes his opponents to all parts of the ground without any concern is also a writer?

He is a proud author of the book – ‘the Kaboom kid’- ‘ the big switch’.

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  • His Love For Cinema And His First Crush

In his free time, Warner loves to catch up on Hollywood Movies and the beautiful Jennifer Anniston was his first crush. He also loved the movie ‘Top Gun’ and rates it as one of his best ever and really admired the role of ‘Tom Cruise’ as ‘Tony Scott’ in the movie.

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  • Sorry Jennifer, Hello Candice Falzon/Warner

Warner is an absolutely family man and loves spending time with his wife and kids whenever he is not playing cricket. Candice is also as talented as Warner and does a lot of interesting things to make a living. She is an Australian professional ironwoman, surf life saver, and model.

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  • Another Rare Record!

Warner is the only Australian player to carry his bat in the fourth innings of a test match.  He achieved this feat against the trans-Tasmanian rivals( new Zealand) in 2011 at Hobart.

He then joined an elite group of cricketers which comprises of names like MH Dekker, Geoffrey Boycott, W.M Lawry, G.M Turner, W.M Woodfull.

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Cric Crak wishes a wonderful journey ahead of David Warner and his beautiful family and hopes that he scores as many runs outside Australia as much he does at home turf as that is what stops Cric Crak from calling Warner an all time- great and let us leave it to that 🙂


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