Often unexpected things happen at the majestic Eden Gardens and this time was no different either or was it? Well, the spectators were certainly treated with something they would have never imagined.

Image Source: The Indian Express

Now close your eyes for a second and imagine Kapil Dev bowling a bouncer to Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Now open your eyes because that is what we are about to show you at the end of this article.

All this happened while they were shooting for an advertisement. The director of the shoot Arindam Sil certainly could not have been a happier man and termed it as the best day of his life where he could have the only 2 World Cup Winning Captains at his disposal.

The Director also honed the acting skills of Dhoni and expressed that Captain Cool required no retake and even in the middle of a busy shoot he found some time out to educate little children on the beautiful game of cricket. Interestingly, Dhoni was also seen chatting with the pitch curator ahead of the first Test Match which will be played on the same ground against Sri Lanka on the 16th of November. Well, Kohli would certainly be wanting to give a call to his former captain after learning about that.

Image Source: Cric Tracker

Meanwhile, here is the entire video. Enjoy it Ladies and Gentlemen and make it a beautiful day.



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