Cricket is life for most of the Indians and cricketers enjoy quite a celebrity status in our country and there is nothing wrong with that. The 11 chosen to represent India are the ones which have come out from a perfect competition market in a country where every 3rd child wants to be a Sachin Tendulkar, Dhoni or Kohli.

Since the advent of social media, their fans now have all the information about whats happening in their favorite cricketer’s lives. The players too often use twitter and facebook as a medium to connect and keep in touch with their followers. The media tell us about their love life, the cars they have, the details of their Diwali celebrations but how often have we heard about their educational qualification?

Some of these cricketers have also faired quite well in academics and Cric Crak would like to take a bow to all of them as it’s not easy to juggle between 2 things especially when you’re trying to become a cricketer.

Here is a list of 10 Most Educated Cricketers In India

1.Anil Kumble

Born in Bengaluru in the year 1970, the former Indian Captain Anil Kumble is the owner of 619 Test Wickets. The third highest wicket taker ever in the history of test cricket attended college at National College Basavanagudi.

Source: ESPNcricinfo

Post that, being the good boy he always was, decided to study a bit more and eventually graduated with a Bachelors Degree In Mechanical Engineering from Rashtreeya Vidyalaya College Of Engineering. Kumble is also known fondly for the love for the camera and was often found capturing the best moments in the Indian Dressing Room.



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