Facts About Dale Steyn Which Would Make You Respect Him Even More!

They say the art of judging the bowler’s length and being on top of his line puts you in total command in a contest. But being in your best rhythm is a practice bettered over a period of time and not a skill a batsman is born with. But then being a batsman too isn’t an easy job or is it?

Staying put for long hours, focusing hard for that intense make or break moments, exhibiting that flashy repertoire of strokes all round the wicket while all the time embracing speed and pace to defend those shaky stumps. On some mean days, it can be very hard out there. Here are a few facts about Dale Steyn which will make you love him even more:

1.Embrace the flame of Dale Steyn

But just imagine, what must be going through the minds of batsmen seeing unarguably the most ferocious and feisty bowler in the world puffing up and coming steaming right at you! Those cold glares tantamount to ridiculing batsmen as being nothing more than fragile bodies about to be incarcerated from the crease. The angry stares and pumped up body language nearly pushing batsmen out of the comfort zone of their minds. That extra bounce, that wayward length pushing batsmen to take evasive action instead of scampering all over for cover. Dale Steyn isn’t just a fast bowler. He’s an adjective of raw pace and lethal aggression.

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2.Cricket, not just a batsman’s game

Cricket, often favoring batsmen of class and vigor over bowlers, seems to edge toward the advantage of bowlers, thanks to exciting blokes such as Dale Steyn. In the testing channels of international cricket, where an oddball injury to a fast bowler often announces its arrival with a chain of painful occurrences soon after, Steyn through his phenomenal fitness and proclivity toward leading a disciplined life has made the game more of a bowler’s paradise. Here is a cricketer who remains undaunted in his search for perfection and unmoved by the exhaustion of playing heaps of cricket, a common phenomenon nowadays all thanks to curious eyeballs and the sensation the sport has become off late.

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  1. Stats that leave you in awe

84 Tests. 406 Wickets. 25 five-for’s and five 10 wicket hauls. The joint second fastest bowler to reach 400 wickets, the fastest to reach the 100 test wicket landmark and the second highest test wicket-taker for South Africa, just behind Shaun Pollock. Possessing an armory of rabid Pace, explosive bounce and coming time and again with throbbing veins. Steyn can evoke magic with statistics and fuel power and charisma to the theatrics of Cricket, elevating the competition in the game by several notches.

At his pompous best, Steyn can break the backs of best batting orders and enthrall spectators with impassioned spells delivered for the best of South Africa’s interest. On an off day, and truth is said, those aren’t frequent, he can delay the inevitable for South Africans, giving them something to savor regardless of the outcome that bereaves one of Cricket’s most sensational firepower units.

Dale Steyn

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4.Not as complex as a riddle or an enigma

But have you ever wondered who is Dale Steyn, behind the man and the sensation? What makes his day? What are his passions? Is he as aggrieved at times in personal life as he is when finally some batsmen take the mickey out of him?

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5.The regular chilled out bloke

Well, a thing can be said for certain. Those who naysay the notion that one often isn’t what meets the eye, Steyn is quite the opposite. He is your regular, everyday chiller.  Dale Steyn who will turn 33 come June 27 is a relaxed guy off the cricket pitch, a complete antidote to the anxious pack of veins he exhibits with characteristic flair on the turf, his home away from home. It is also quite dramatic to note his inclinations off the cricket field. Once a pro-hunter, growing up in the vivid landscape of South Africa’s wild in Phalaborwa, Steyn is a nature’s boy. He is as effervescent and able with the camera in hand as  Dale Steyn is ecstatic with the red cherry in hand. Steyn, who runs marathons, goes pounding on the treadmill and enrolls for various photography workshops is an avid champion of water conservation causes.

But then, aren’t versatility and some charm facets of a truly renowned international cricketer. You would off course be doing a grave injustice to the best new ball bowler in the world right now to make light work of his stellar international career. He isn’t just nasty back in South Africa. He’s made batsmen taste the timber in Auckland, Jamaica, Colombo, and Perth. Out in the subcontinent, Steyn has some really outstanding stats. Of his 90 wickets, a priceless stack considering that no other bowler thus far in the engrossing challenge of cricket has ever snatched so many wickets, have come with staggering pace in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan.

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6.Teaming up with mighty Morkel

And like all great bowlers, Dale Steyn  too likes to hunt in pairs. He reserves effusive praise for new ball partner, Morne Morkel, another giant of South Africa’s cricketing safari. Together, Steyn and Morkel have cleaned up the best of modern day batsmen, scalping a prolific 507 wickets from a mere 60 tests. A comet of raw energy, making batsmen unhinged from the comfort of the crease, Steyn is a brute force in individual form and when bowling in tandem, he is every bit a maverick you expect him to be.

 Dale Steyn with morkel

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It is great fortune though that the mantle of being South Africa’s pace spearhead and the burgeoning demand of seeing more and more cricket haven’t played out too heavy on Steyn’s dependable shoulders. Save for an odd groin or shoulder trouble, it seems even the weight of mountains hasn’t moved South Africa’s fireball.

And let’s hope the best of form and fitness continue to make giant strides towards Dale Steyn. Wishing the South Africa Express all the cric craking luck for the future ahead!


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