7 Facts About Indian Cricket Which Would Leave You Shell Shocked!

1) When The Mother Of All Battles Faced A Bigger Battle Than Itself?

In the second ODI in 1984 between India and Pak at Sialkot, India were 210- 3 and Dilip Vengsarkar was playing at 94. The match was eventually abandoned hearing the news of Indira Gandhi being assassinated.

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2) India Had Only Defeated One Team Before The 1983 World Cup!

Team India have always been slow starters historically and unfortunately, but this one is really hard to digest. Before the 1983 world cup, which we happened to win, The only team which India defeated was East Africa! Like really? We have seen turnarounds but nothing like this before!

 Facts About Indian Cricket

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3) First Stadium In India Ever To Host A Test Match 

From where it all began! The first stadium in India to host a cricket test match was the Bombay Gymkhana in 1933.

4) The Great Wall Of India!

A wall was erected in the honor of Rahul Dravid at the Chinnaswamy stadium in Bangalore, his hometown. Exactly 13, 288 bricks were used in its construction. That’s the exact number of runs scored by him in test cricket! Only if Cric-Crak knew, he would have been one of the masons on the job!

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Now that’s how you pay a tribute to a great man! Truly deserving!

5) The Indian Man Whose Record Might Never Be Broken.

The only cricketer to have played test cricket for both India and England is the Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan’s grandfather Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi! He played for England before 1947 and started playing for India post independence.

 Facts About Indian Cricket


6) India had to wait for a period of 19 years and 230 days to register its first ever win!

Damn, that’s long! The fans must be really patient in those days.If Cric- Crak was in that era, he wouldn’t give a damn probably or maybe he would as he himself as the biggest Team India Fan 🙂

7) When Will India Defeat New Zealand?

India has never defeated the Kiwi’s in a T-20 international ever!  Cric Crak is hoping that we would not have to wait for 19 years in this time around. Having said that, history does not lie but history does change and let’s leave it to that.

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Well, let’s all hope #wewilltakeitback. Until then Keep cracking.



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