GIF: 10 Funniest Moments In The History Of Cricket

Title: GIF: 10 Funniest Moments In The History Of Cricket. Check out the top 10 funny moments in the history of cricket which will make you laugh your ass off. Check these out right here….

Cricket is a funny game. It is a game of loss and fame. The Indian Team has many good players but before playing they must say their prayers! Lol….. Cric Crak is just trying to be funny here and pull a leg or two or three.. It’s alright to take cricket not so seriously all the time. It’s perfectly fine to have some fun with sport time and again and this blog is all about that.

There are always those fun moments which occur in sport which are hard to forget. Cric Crak presents to you 10 Funniest Cricket GIF’s in the history of cricket

1. Suresh Raina Imitates Billy Bowden

Many people might not know this one, but Bowden was actually a cricket player before he took to umpiring as arthritis unfortunately made him quit playing the sport. That did not let his spirits fall though as he was considered on the best umpires in the history of the game.

Bowden was nice to the players, the players were nice to him and there was a lot of mutual respect.. Often, we spotted Bowden sharing a joke with the cricketers on the field but this one was the best.

Bowden had no idea on whats going on until he was the footage after the match! Lol Raina- Good one, Very good one!


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