Watch: Kohli Surprises His Cute Little Fan

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you spell the word, Virat Kohli? Angry young man? Heartbreak kid? Next Sachin? Maybe legend in the making?

Well, there is a whole new side to Virat Kohli that we came across in this video. A cute little supporter of the Indian team was cheering her heart out as the Indian’s took the field against New Zealand.

Not always you see your favorite cricketer making your dream come true but this was a special day. Virat Kohli came up to the girl and had a word as the handful of spectators saw the other side to current Indian Test skipper.

It must have been a memorable outing for the girl and his brother too made up for a good time. No wonder Kohli has numerous die-hard fans and why not, he surely knows how to keep his fans happy and cheerful.

Cric Crak loved the adorable video and hopes you enjoyed it too. Adios 🙂




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