This Is What KRK Had To Say About Sachin Tendulkar’s Upcoming Movie…..

Usually, Cric Crak does not care to write about or give any importance to KRK because that is what makes KRK famous.  He thrives on this kind of attention on social media doesn’t he? We really need to stop giving him importance but today Cric Crak could not resist covering this. Reason? KRK Spoke against and disrespected Sachin’s upcoming movie  Sachin: A Billion Dreams!

It’s alright if you do not like something in life KRK but why would you comment without watching the movie? It’s surprising how easily he could tweet against the Nation’s Favourite Boy without even watching his latest biopic!

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The self-proclaimed film critic Kamaal Rashid Khan AKA KRK has blasted Sachin Tendulkar’s movie Sachin: A Billion Dreams via the micro- blogging site Twitter and Cric Crak feels that Kamaal Khan has done this purely to gain more followers as that is what keeps him alive in the market!  We all know by now that KRK has a habit of wanting to hog the limelight by his absurd tweets on known and successful personalities but this time he has surely gone a step ahead!

Not that his tweet matters, but Cric Crak feels that it’s high time that this man should not be given even an iota of importance anymore. His tweet has left many Sachin fans across the globe angry and furious and Cric Crak agrees with all those fans.

This is not the only instance KRK has posted random weird tweets to be in the limelight.  From politicans to bollywood stars , from Ranbir Kapoor to Sonakshi Sinha to Lisa Hayden, KRK has engaged in a twitter battle with almost everyone and anyone. Infact, in mid 2016 a case was also registered against him for posting derogatory pictures and insluting Bollywood actresses. He has also posted a lot of other trash which Cric Crak does not feel like writing about as that would only increase KRK’S importance.

Cric Crak’s Message To Sachin Fans Around The World- Please avoid KRK and lets forget about him and boycott him on Social Media as that is what he deserves. Let’s not go to his handle and abuse him back because 2 wrongs never make a right! 



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