Believe me, when I say, I hate to cover this story because this is something which I really wish never happened in the first place. What did not happen? Well, the great Sachin Tendulkar’s daughter- Sara Tendulkar was being troubled by a man who apparently hails from West Bengal.

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The man was caught stalking and harassing Sara Tendulkar to an extent that he somehow also figured the Tendulkar residence’s landline number. The stalker made a minimum of 20 calls to Sachin Tendulkar’s Bandra residence and proposed to Sarah for marriage.

No, he did not stop here and also threatened to kidnap the adorable young Sarah. The good news is that the cops have arrested the man once Sarah decided to take it up with the authorities and complain about the man.

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When the man’s family was contacted they stated that the man in mentally unstable and he would be going for a medical test tomorrow. Whatever said and done- Our heart goes out to the entire ‘Tendulkar’ family in this time of crisis for them.

Having said that, Cric Crak is proud of the way Sarah Tendulkar has dealt with this on her own and we wish more power to the entire ‘Tendulkar’ family.



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