Massive News Coming In From BCCI About S.Sreesanth

We all know by now that the Kerala high court had ordered the Board Of Control Cricket India to remove the life ban from S. Sreesanth. Just when it seemed that all is well For Sreesanth the BCCI has decided to challenge the decision of the Kerela high court .The BCCI is contemplating to appeal against this decision by taking it to the supreme court.

Earlier, just a few days ago his ban and been removed and he had thanked all his fans for the support via the microblogging site twitter. While they were many who agreed with the verdict many felt the ban should stay.

It all started in 2013 with Sreesanth use to play for the Rajasthan Royals. He was accused for spot fixing in that tournament along with a few other players from his team. He has been trying to prove his innocence ever since but unfortunately for him the BCCI is in no mood to forgive him and have stood firm on their decision ever since.

Source: Cricket Country


A source from India today quoted, “Proving criminal charges and misconduct are two different things. We are still to study the order completely but our position always has been that misconduct has been proven under our internal disciplinary proceedings.

According to a few reports in India today, the Board Of Control Cricket India might seek legal advise on this matter and refer to advise from Neeraj Kumar, the head of the anti- corruption unit of the main governing body of India.

Cric Crak really hope that truth prevails soon! If he is guilty, Just like Mohammad Amir he too should get another chance but for that he needs to come out clean as thats what might be irking the BCCI as he has always denied any kind of  allegations and involvement in spot fixing.

On the other hand, If he does prove his innocence and comes out- Not Guilty, Cric Crak would be more than happy and he believes that Sreesanth should then immediately be given a chance to represent the Indian Cricket Team as BCCI will owe it to him! (Only if he is innocent though). We really hope that the BCCI digs deep on this one and gets to the root of the matter at the earliest possible!


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