Narendra Modi Tweets 14 Special Messages For The Entire Indian Cricket Team

By now we all know how much our respected Prime Minister loves sports and specially cricket. He always tries his level best to motivate our Indian athletes mostly via tweeting about them on social media. Indian southpaw Yuvraj Singh even invited PM Modi for his wedding but unfortunately he could not make it.

So This Is How The Story Goes…

After winning a lot of hearts and (cricket matches off course) at the recently concluded Women’s World Cup, the girls have been pampered, and rightly so, since they have landed back in Mumbai. They have even been given cash rewards while some of them have also received luxury gifts like cars etc.

Narendra Modi could not hold back either and hosted the Indian Women’s Cricket Team and told them that they have made the nation proud like several other “Daughters of the nation. During the interaction the team was full of gratitude and went on to say that this was the first time they have seen a Prime Minister tweeting for the women’s cricket team. Just for the record-  Modi had tweeted several times during, before and after the recently concluded WWC to boost the morale of the women’s team.

After meeting the squad, the Indian Prime Minister from this personal twitter handle did something which the Indian women’s team will surely remember for their rest of their lives. Modi and his team specially took some time out and tweeted pictures with the entire Indian Squad with special messages for each and everyone.

Here is the list of tweets:


Cric Crak would like to thank our respected Prime Minister for trying his level best for women’s cricket/sports to grow in India and really hopes that we take it back in NZ 2021.


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