Most Number of Catches In The History ODI Cricket

Fielding has always been an important factor in the game. However, previously, Asian countries did not give much importance to it. They just focussed on their batting and bowling. Countries like South Africa and Australia were much evolved in this thinking because they always believed in selecting players who were physically fit. That’s what made them the best teams in the world. Players who are good fielders contribute in many areas like taking exceptional catches, fielding tightly and maintaining pressure on the batsman and not giving easy singles. So, keep reading this article if you want to know about the Top 10 Fielders who took Most number of Catches in ODI Cricket.
1. Mahela Jayawardene, Sri Lanka (218 catches)
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Source: Zee News
This Sri Lankan legend tops the list with 218 catches under his name. He is the only person to take over 200 catches. He has been an absolute exceptional slip fielder for Sri Lanka. In his 17 years long career span, he has taken 0.492 catches per match. So, Jayawardene, by his record, describes that he is not just s great batsman but a great player. His contribution to Sri Lankan cricket is just unmatchable.

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