Fun Facts About the Second Costliest Player Of The IPL Ever- Ben Stokes!

The IPL 2017 auction proved that Ben Stokes is a bank breaker, fetching a whopping 14.5 crores. England skipper Eoin Morgan considers him the best in business and the man’s potential was never unknown, as he signed a 2-year deal with Durham as a teenager.

Let’s check out some of the most astonishing facts about the man: Ben Stokes

7 Facts About Indian Cricket Which Would Leave You Shell Shocked!

Team India have always been slow starters historically and unfortunately, but this one is really hard to digest. Before the 1983 world cup, which we happened to win, the only team which India defeated was East Africa! Like really? We have seen turnarounds but nothing like this before!

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7 Facts About Gully Cricket Which You Will Find Only In India!

We as Indians love cricket. We are crazy about cricket! Almost all of us have grown up playing or watching this beautiful sport. Even if we did not have access to pitches or stadiums, we somehow always managed to create our very own Eden Gardens in our neighbourhood ‘gullies’.

So what if the boundaries were short? There was always one tip one hand to counter that advantage in gully cricket 🙂

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