Very Sad News For All Indian Cricket Fans

Very Sad News For All Indian Cricket Fans. Cricket might never be the same in India because of this thing. The officials are looking for a solution before the Ind Vs Australia series which is to be held in september.

We all know about the Goods and Services tax by now famously known as GST. While it made a severe impact in the life of the common man, it is even worse if you’re a cricket fan- The¬†possibility of it being very high considering most of you are from India.

So The Story Goes Like..

Before GST was introduced, there was also the municipal tax which the officials needed to pay in regards to the ticket sales which constituted to 28 %. This was only implemented from this years Indian Premier League which was as it is a heavy price to pay for cricket fans. Now on top of this they would unfortunately also need to pay 25% Of Goods and Services Tax.


This basically means a Rs 500 ticket would now cost more than double of what is costed before this seasons IPL. The GST will be applied as early as the Australia tour of India which starts on the 17th of september in Chennai. A Tamil Nadu Cricket Association Official quoted to the Times Of India, “On one side if we slash the price then the TCNA will have to bear the loss. We all know how tough the price surge would be for the fans. We have come up with a few options regarding ticket prices.We will discuss that in our EC meeting on August 25 and then take a call”.

The official seemed really concerned by the surge in taxes and just like all of us, is in the process to find a solution to it. It would be interesting to see how the Indian Cricket Fans react to this one as India is the most cricket passionate country and Cric Crak doubts that the prices will dampen the spirits of the common man.


Having said that, Who doesn’t like it when things are more affordable. We hope there is a solution soon and we could watch live cricket at an affordable price yet again.


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