Sanjay Manjrekar Has A Special Message For All Those Reacting To The Pollard Controversy

As much fun as the Indian Premier League has been for the past 10 Years it always has had its share of controversies and this year has been no different.

As we all know Kieron Pollard lashed out at Indian Premier League commentator Sanjay Manjrekar last week right after their game against the Kolkatta Knight Riders. Kolkatta had put up 178 runs on the board in the first innings before Pollard came in to bat at his usual position lower down the order to help Mumbai Indians chase down the target.  While Manjrekar and his co- commentator were discussing their views on the game like commentators usually do mid-game, he did not mince any words before stating his viewpoint on Kieron Pollard. The former Indian batsman clearly expressed that he does not think Pollard has the brains to bat higher up the order and also went on to add that he also thinks Polly is only good enough to bat in the last few overs when it’s time to go all bizerk.

This surely did not go down to well with the Big Man from Trinidadian, who did not shy away from giving the 51-year-old a piece of his mind via the well-known microblogging platform – Twitter. The hard- hitting all-rounder went on to express that he feels Manjrekar gets paid to talk and no good words came come out of his mouth. He further went on to tweet ( though not directly to Manjrekar this time) that one should think before they speak. Check out his tweet below:

After the entire Drama unfolded everyone was wondering when and how Sanjay Manjrekar will reply to this tweet by Pollard. It had been a few days since he did not and just when we thought Manjrekar will let this one pass in comes his tweet. He has hit back at Pollard by tweeting that using words like brainless have never been his style and that he could be critical but never insulting. He further went to give a special message to all those reacting to the Pollard Controversy. Check out his tweets below:

Cric Crak thinks Sanjay Manjrekar being a cricket commentator does have the right to express what he feels about the game and in regards to a particular player as long as it’s not personal which it clearly wasn’t in this case. Having said that, Cric Crak also thinks that as a cricket commentator Manjrekar should choose his words wisely to express his viewpoint. Almost all commentators praise/criticize cricketers all the time. It’s their job and they are paid to be in sync with their viewers and give their honest opinion all the time and there is nothing wrong with that. Even the cricketers understand that too an extent else commentators and cricketers would never be friends but then why always Manjrekar? Remember Sania Mirza?

Cric Crak honestly feels Manjrekar might not be as wrong as the Pollard Army might feel but certainly not 100 % correct and Pollard too just like Manjrekar was within his rights to hit back at the commentator via twitter.


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