Seven Times MS Dhoni Proved He Is Coolest Cricketer Ever

There is only one captain cool who exists in the world of cricket and there are reasons why Jersey number 7 is called so. He has been the man with Midas Touch throughout his career and the best captain India ever had. no doubt he is the best wicketkeeper and the best finisher. How can you ever forget that winning six at Wankhede to win the World Cup?

Though Dhoni has reached the last stage of his career he still has got the magic to turn the table by his decisions. Limitless times we have witnessed him giving decisions and instruction to the present captain Virat Kohli in adverse situations. There are many instances why he is the man who has pulled out India from adverse situations. In the recently concluded ODI series against Sri Lanka Dhoni took India took single-handedly to the fruits of victory.

Here we list for you why is Dhoni the coolest cricketer ever:

1)Dhoni’s tactical decision to make Ishant bowl against England


It was 2014 and the last day of the test match against England. Few consecutive wickets could only make India win the situation.Then came Dhoni as the saviour thinking into another zone and keeping his cool he handed over Ishant Sharma the ball. Ishant ripped apart England lineup and took wickets and India won the match.

2) Dhoni ahead of Yuvraj in 2011 World Cup


A day no Indian can ever forget. That night at Wankhede things didn’t start well as Sachin and Sehwag fell early leaving young Virat Kohli and Gambhir on the crease. They build a partnership leaving Virat out in 39 runs. Well, then Dhoni decided to come in the spot of Yuvraj the man who was in his best form and people started wondering. but only 79 balls later all they could do was celebrate as history was created.

3) The best wicketkeeping by removing gloves from beforehand against Bangladesh

Source: Quora

You must have got a heart attack in this match. It was T20 2016 group stage match against the Bangladesh and they just needed 11 runs in last over. Heartbeats increased as after a couple of boundaries they just needed 2 runs in last ball. MS Dhoni then spoke to Hardik Pandya and asked him to bowl a “back-of-length” delivery. Knowing the player would go for a run he removed his gloves and came the quick run like a flash to dismiss the batsman.

4) Selecting newcomers for T20 World Cup 2007 in India vs Pakistan


It was his first time and a fresh new team India entered a World Cup event and they were underdogs. Well, who can forget that both scores were tied and all were left for the last bowl out session. Instead of picking up pacers he made a clever choice by picking up Harbhajan Singh, Uthappa and Sehwag and all were successful in hitting the target giving India the T20 WC.

5) Wise Decision to send Pujara up the order in Test

Source: The Hindu

It was the second day of India vs Australia. Pujara was new to the side but he failed miserably in the first test. But Dhoni believed on the man and sent him above Rahul Dravid. What resulted was a match-winning knock of 72 runs and India emerged victoriously.

6) The Champions TRophy 2013 winning decision by sending Ishant on the penultimate over


The Indian batsman failed miserably in the finals of Champions Trophy and could just put up a score of 129. Dhoni tried to build the pressure on the side but Ishant Sharma was proving very costly slipping runs. But Dhoni believed in the man and gave him the ball in the 18th over. Sharma turned a hero by taking wickets of Eoin Morgan and Ravi Bopara leading India to win another ICC trophy.

7) Chane in batting lineup during ICC World Cup 2015


India have never lost to Pakistan in World Cup and that’s too much pressure to maintain whenever the top rivals clash. Dhoni always had other ways in mind and love acting cool and taking risks. He moved up Raina in the order and he batted magnificiently scoring 79 runs. This rusn proved hefty on Pakistan later.



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