This Monday morning, Danielle Wyatt resumed her training along with her England Teammates for the upcoming Ashes against arch rivals Australia. She was all excited to use her new bat which Virat Kohli had gifted her during India’s tour to England in 2014 and she resorted to the micro blogging site Twitter to express her happiness.

Source: Hindustan Times

Wyatt has surely been the biggest Kohli fan hands down since the 2014 World Cup, where she had also proposed to Kohli on Twitter after seeing his heroics.

Source: Twitter

When she finally resumed training after a long time, she could not control her emotions after seeing the bat Kohli gifted him yet again. As a good gesture, she made sure to let everyone know about her positive feeling of using the Indian Captain’s bat.

Source: Twitter

Considering how smart the Social Media World is these days, they took no time to spot the error in Kohli’s spelling and gave it back to the England Cricketer to spell his name incorrectly. One such user tried to act a little over smart by trying to troll ¬†Danielle Wyatt by saying, “When you tweet to your crush in excitement”. Danielle surely did not take this one sitting down and threw a googly in return which social media is still unable to decode.

Source: Twitter

According to her she did not write Kohli’s name on the bat and further went on to claim that it was the Indian Captain’s bat makers fault instead. We are completely baffled after hearing this news as it’s hard to believe that a perfectionist like Virat Kohli could not spot the fault. ¬†On the other hand, we feel bad for Danielle Wyatt as we can understand how it feels to be in this situation. Nevertheless, we wish more ‘Power’ to both of them.



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