Sir Jadeja Comes Up With A Epic Tweet After Getting Banned By The ICC For The Third Test

Sir Ravindra Jadeja as we all know by now has been banned by the ICC for the thrid test match against Sri Lanka. He was charged for breaching article 2.28 of the ICC code of conduct.

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The jury has been out weather Jadeja should have been punished for this offense considering Steve Smith had no penalty to face during his ‘Brain Fade’. Yes, both these episodes are very different from each other but whats irking Jadeja’s fans is the fact that the rules should be equal for everyone in whatever case of penalty. Yes, he broke a law but he really wouldn’t have injured the batsman just as Steve Smith would not have really cheated.

Having said that, Jaddu himself admitted to his mistake and accepted the penalty imposed on him by the ICC. The problem here is that he already had 3 demerit points towards his name when he was found guilty for running on the pitch vs the Kiwis at home turf last year.

This could get dangerous for India considering that a few more of these suspension points could lead to a long term suspension and thats the last thing India want before the all important overseas calendar next year.

2 days after admitting to the ban, Jadeja being Sir Jadeja took to the micro- blogging site twitter and reacted to the ban in the most epic way possible which left his fans in splits.

Jadeja tweeted in hindi, ” Hum Sharif Kya Hue puri duniya hi badmaash ho gayi”, which means , ” When I decided to be honest the entire world is trying to be clever” .Just for our viewers to know this dialogue is meant to be in good humor in hindi language and can sound the other way when translated to english!


Lets not take this one too seriously! Jaddu is just having some fun and why not! He had a great test match, won the man of the match award , yes he did a mistake but he also accepted it which is the most important thing unlike a few other players always full of excuses. India has already won the series and Cric Crak feels Jaddu surely deserves to have some fun. 


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