South Africa’s Best Batsman To Retire From International Cricket?

There is some serious breaking news coming in from the Cricket South Africa camp as their star batsman might retire from International Cricket. Yeah, you actually read that right ladies and gentlemen. There is a major chance that ace South African batsman Hashim Amla might say good bye to South African cricket in order to consider the Kolpak Deal!

What is the Kolpak Deal?

A player signs a Kolpak deal if he wishes to play county cricket for respective clubs in England. Having said there, there is also a flip side to it. A cricketer is only eligible to grab the Kolpak deal if he quits playing International Cricket for his country. He has to have no relationship with International Cricket for at least 1 year in order to fill the criteria and is also not eligible to play International Cricket while on contract.


But Why Amla Might Consider The Kolpak Deal?

Well, Well, he has been quite out of form in the recent past and specially against England in the recently concluded series. Considering he is already 34 years old, and his future looking a bit insecure , Amla might just want to seal the deal considering a player of his ability cannot just stay away from the game for a long period of time and this would help him play the game he loves the most for the next 6 years. He has already been flooded with offers by various county teams.

World Cup 2019?

That’s his dream and  thats the only reason he might stick with the proteas till 2019 and might not sign the Kolpak deal but at the moment these are surely nervous moments for all Hashim Amla fans as we all believe he can do it, he believes he can do it, but does his body believe it too? Thats a call Mr Amla might need to make soon.

                                                               Source: Daily Maverick

According to independent online, The World Cup might be the only reason that he stays but he is also giving the Kolpak deal a serious thought at the same time.

There is no doubt that he has absolute class written all over him and will soon be back in form if he plays for South Africa but I repeat – The question is can he till 2019?

Cric Crak will keep you all posted on this development by bring you all the latest updates on this story.


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