Sreesanth Finally Makes A Comeback To Cricket!

Finally the Sreesanth has come back to the Cricket field! This is some great news for all his fans as former Indian fast bowler Shanthakumaran Sreesanth took to the cricket field after 4 long years. He managed to do so by participating in an unsanctioned cricket match which involved the members of the Malyalam film industry to celebrate the occasion of Independence Day.

As we all know by now, Sree has been out of action since 2013 due to spot fixing allegations on him while representing the Rajasthan Royals. Things have not been well between him and the BCCI ever since, as while Sreesanth has always refused to being involved in any such corrupt activities the BCCI had banned him for life without much ado!

Source: Hindustan Times

There was a new development on the story just last week as the Kerela High Court had ordered the BCCI to remove the life ban from the cricketer but the Board certainly did not take it sitting down and has decided to take this matter to the supreme court of India.

But for now lets talk about the match he played after 4 long years-  To start with Sreesanth was welcomed by a bouquet of flowers. There is no denying that he looked unfit after a long gap but batted quite decently against an amateur bowling attack.  The man himself was overjoyed by the moment and identified his next destination as Thriuvananthapuram with all his eyes set for a comeback to the Indian Cricket Team.

Source Madhyamam

Sreesanth quoted, “I am really happy that I am back and I am beginning my return from the same ground where it all began. Now from here, I want to reach Thriuvananthapuram and from there upwards and back to the Indian Team”.

Cric Crak would love to know your opinion on this one?

1. Sreesanth is guilty and should not be given another chance.

2. Sreesanth is guilty and should be given another chance just like Mohammad Amir

3. He has never been guilty!

Cric Crak will leave it to that and will sign out with this.


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