Watch: Glenn McGrath Tells His Viewers How He Will Dismiss Warner And He Does Exactly That!


The video starts with the commentators speaking to the great Shane Warne on the microphone talking about the ‘good old days’. The focus then shifts to the bowler- Glenn Mcgrath who tells the commentators how he plans to get rid of the inform dangerous Warner and he does exactly that the very next ball! Continue Reading


Read: Why Did David Warner Bat Right Handed For An Entire Season?

Warner is one of the pioneers of the reverse hit or the switch hit as they say and has used it to great effect in many situations. Picture a typical Aussie Lad- who is never shy of giving a piece or two or three his mind to his opponents and that’s exactly the personality David Warner is.

Let’s find out why he batted right handed for a season and a very rare record he holds which no other Australian does..

When he walks on to the field the bowlers get goose bumps because that’s the reputation this” POCKET DYNAMITE” from New South Wales has. He is surely an asset for any team at the top of the order.

When the ball is new and shining he makes sure that it’s not new and shining anymore by smashing it all over in those all important power- play overs. Continue Reading


Video: VVS Laxman’s Classy Reply To Glenn McGrath After Being Hit On The Head.

The southpaw from Hyderabad loved to set a date with the mighty Aussies more often than not and had a phenomenal record against the men in yellow.

This video features a glimpse from where it all started at the Adelaide Oval in 1999 where Laxman was hit on his head by a Glenn McGrath bouncer. What happens next will surely make you feel that the world is a nicer place 🙂 Continue Reading


All You Ever Wanted To Know About The Sheikh Of Spin: Shane Warne

With close to 300 one day wickets and 708 test scalps, Shane Warne was a bit of a both- a champion with a lion’s heart and a flawed genius of the ecstatic competition.

But what has made Shane Warne such a great that his name still commands the respect that only few have been able to match. We find out in our ode to the champion Aussie: Continue Reading