This Virat Kohli Video Of Singing ‘Paani Da Rang’ Is Going Viral All Over The Internet

Being the quintessential Punjabi Delhi boy, Virat loves his Punjabi music. Seen here humming the tunes of a famous Punjabi song, Sajna ve Sajna, the chocolate boy of Indian cricket is seen gushing and blushing as he seems to be totally into the feel of the song.

He also sings another Punjabi song, this time from Bollywood, the very famous Paani da rang. The lines mean – seeing the color of water, tears roll down my eyes;! Continue Reading


Ajinkya Rahane Reveals His Secret Dream And It Is Exactly The Same As Cric Crak..

Undoubtedly, one of the finest Indian batsmen of the modern era, Rahane is one of those few lads who would call for a run and wish his partner good luck at the same time :). Rahane has surely emerged as one of the finest Indian batsman of the modern era scoring centuries almost in all major test playing nations outside the sub- continent.

Lets Help You Know The Other Side Of Ajinkya Rahane..

Let’s Help You Know Rahane A Little Better.. Continue Reading


This Is What Happened When A 16 Year Old Sachin Was Sledged By Pakistan In Pakistan

Well, sledging instances are an act to piss the f*** out of your opposition hoping that they get frustrated and do something silly.. From friendly banter to sarcastic replies, from challenging remarks to insulting comments, the purpose of sledging is to distract the opposing team and create tension in the game.

Here are some crazy sledging instances which will either make you laugh or make you cringe.. Continue Reading


Fun Facts About The Admirable Robin Uthappa Which Will Make You Love Him Even More

‘In it to win it` is a motto he believes in. Karnataka-born, Robin Uthappa is a happy-go-lucky man. Those picture perfect reverse-sweeps and the inside out strokes have earned him many loyal followers but the KKR-man is not resting on his laurels. Cric Crak presents to you a few facts about Uthappa which will surely make you know him even better 🙂 Continue Reading


Watch Sachin Tendulkar’s First Interview Ever!

It’s been a little over 3 years since the little master retired, but the chants of ‘Sachin!Sachin!’ will remain etched in every cricket fan’s memory. In this video, The young Tendulkar talks about his aspirations of playing cricket at the highest level and how he is looking forward to face the lethal fast bowlers from the West Indies.

Cric-Crak thinks he looks quite adorable with his monosyllable answers and the famous Indian nod. Continue Reading


Read: The 7 Most Incredible Facts About Yuvraj Singh You’ll Ever Read

We Love Yuvraj Singh. We are crazy about Yuvraj. We always were and guess what? We are really proud of it because there is no better sight in world cricket than Yuvi Paaji smashing it all over the country.
No there isn’t. Not even the great ‘ ABD and Kohli ‘,

Here are 7 facts About the One and Only Yuvi Paaji which would definitely bring a smile to your face.. Continue Reading


Read: Why Did David Warner Bat Right Handed For An Entire Season?

Warner is one of the pioneers of the reverse hit or the switch hit as they say and has used it to great effect in many situations. Picture a typical Aussie Lad- who is never shy of giving a piece or two or three his mind to his opponents and that’s exactly the personality David Warner is.

Let’s find out why he batted right handed for a season and a very rare record he holds which no other Australian does..

When he walks on to the field the bowlers get goose bumps because that’s the reputation this” POCKET DYNAMITE” from New South Wales has. He is surely an asset for any team at the top of the order.

When the ball is new and shining he makes sure that it’s not new and shining anymore by smashing it all over in those all important power- play overs. Continue Reading