Top 7 T20 Leagues And Their Prize Money

Money has started to play a very important role in cricket in the modern era. There is nothing wrong with it as we as learned in economics- when demand increases, supply increases too and cricket is in demand, as simple as that. Everybody, at least in the cricket playing nations want to watch cricket all the time and never have enough of the sport.

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Taking that into consideration many Boards of various countries have gone a step ahead and have started organising various T20 leagues globally. There is some serious money involved in these leagues and the board, team owners, and cricketers surely make a lot of money. As we said, that is fine as the viewers get their dose of cricket as well which they absolutely enjoy so, in the end, everybody is happy. It is also a perfect opportunity for many young players to showcase their talent on a global stage and knock the door of the selectors.

Let’s have a look at the Prize Money involved in these leagues.

1.Bangladesh Premier League


Bangladesh is very passionate about their cricket. After a long wait of a dozen of years of seeing their team struggle, their patient fans are finally getting their rewards. Cricket in Bangladesh is growing heaps and bounds and they are surely considered a strong force in the cricketing circuit now. Bangladesh was a  great market to introduce such a league and their board and investors saw it as a perfect opportunity

The tournament was introduced in 2011 and has completed 4 seasons till now. Dhaka Dynamites have been Undisputed Champions having won 3 editions out of the completed 4. The prize money in this league is ( $ 0.35 million).


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