Remember what he did this summer? Remember how Ishant Sharma grabbed the headlines in the series against Australia, not because of his performance though unfortunately but for the funny weird facial expressions he displayed while playing that match?

Source: Daily Mail

The incident took place in Bengaluru when Steve Smith was making team India run all over the park in the scorching heat of South India by smashing it all over and Ishant Sharma was really irritated as he could not get his wicket. We all know by now that Steve Smith is one of the busiest players playing the game. He likes to take his time before every delivery by moving and shrugging his shoulders while taking his stance and that surely irritated Sharma who decided to give him a funnily irritating look. Social media had gone berserk which resulted in many people trolling the cricketer.

Guess What Ladies And Gentlemen? Sharma has done it one more time and given us another chance to relive those moments by bringing out his game- face while enjoying a dinner with his loved ones and making weird expressions.  He uploaded a video on his Instagram handle with a caption which said:  “Once again game face while eating.”.  

Check out this adorably cute video below:

Once again game face while eating @pratima0808 @akankshasingh4 @prashantisingh @poojasingh5558

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LOL! We love you Ishant Sharma for entertaining us yet again 🙂 You might not have been selected in the Indian Cricket Team for the upcoming Champions Trophy but atleast you are not fussing about it like other cricketers and taking it in the right stride! Cric Crak hopes that you only get stronger and fitter as days pass and represent the Indian Team as soon as you deserve it! Keep working hard and Thank You for making us smile 🙂



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