Cricket is a religion in India we always knew and there is nothing wrong about that either as people worship the sport and love it to bits and pieces. Having said that, we all need to understand that at the end of the day it is just a sport and there is always a winner and loser in the end. Has to be.

Image Source: India Today

We all know Virat Kohli did not get off to a great start having managed to score only 5 runs of 13 balls only to be caught behind by De Kock of a Morne Morkel delivery. Yes, exactly the way he used to get out in England chasing a wide one.

Everyone is sad considering King Kohli could not score big but that can happen in sport. In- fact that is what sport is all about. Sometimes we win and sometimes we learn. Having said that, a 63-year-old man from Ratlam named Babulal Bairwa got affected by the Kohli dismissal so much that he actually decided to put petrol on himself. Yes, you read that right.

Image Source: Deccan Chronicle

Even though his wife tried to stop him, by that time he already had a lot of burns and was rushed to a nearby hospital. The most affected areas were his heads and hands which were burnt quite a bit. While Cric Crak completely opposes this kind of silly behavior, because we have a heart- we still wish the man a speedy recovery.



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