Virat Kohli Says No To A 20 Crores Deal And The Reason Will Surely Make Your Heart Melt

Virat Kohli is surely one of the fittest cricketers not only in India but even at the Global Cricketing Circuit at the moment. The biggest proof of this is the Yo- Yo test which is used to determine the fitness levels of a cricketer. Virat always gets full marks. If not full at least more than 95 % all the time which makes him the brightest student of the game.


The Indian Captain is currently on a roll having equalized Ricky Ponting for the second highest number of centuries ever and is smashing it all over the globe. We wonder how many more records the  Superstar will go on to break but how many of you actually knew that Kohli wasn’t even close to the fitness level he has achieved back in the days. In fact, he was a little plump and loved to dig into some Butter Chicken like every young boy. Having said that, he soon realized that every young boy doesn’t have to become a cricketer and he would have to take a different route if he has to be successful.

Post that realization, like every great man does, he decided to bring a change to his life. The salads replaced the Butter Chickens and A Protein Shake replaced the sodas. Virat has surely come a long way and truly realizes the importance of hard work and maintaining a good life style with good habits.

On the other hand, being the Best Cricketer he has been approached by many brands. He recently signed a 100 Crore deal with Puma and has around 20 Brands that he has associated himself with. One of such brands was Pepsi who recently approached the Indian Cricketer for the renewal of his contract.

He was offered a whopping 20 Crore to do so but to their surprise, Kohli replied in negative. Reason? Well, he doesn’t want to endorse something he doesn’t believe in. Kohli quoted to CNN -IBN, “when I started my fitness turnaround, it was more of a lifestyle thing initially. If something goes away from that, I would not want to be a part or be promoting that”.


We would like to salute our Captain Virat Kohli for this wonderful decision. Cricketers are Celebrities in our country and the youth follows such personalities. 20 Crores is a big amount and by letting that go, Kohli has surely proved that there are some things money can’t buy. The most important being the right attitude which Kohli has showcased by doing so.

We wish more ‘Power’ to Kohli and the entire Indian Team.


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