Virat Kohli Slams Everyone Who Took A Dig At Him For Not Playing Rahane In The First Test

Virat Kohli recently slammed the critics of the Indian Cricket Team on the eve of the second Test Match between India and South Africa. We all know Kohli has been widely criticized after losing the first test and the jury is completely against him due to the fact that he dropped India’s best overseas player Ajinkya Rahane from the playing X1.

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Well, to be fair to him every captain and team is criticised post a defeat and this case was no different either. Since the day India has lost everyone has been after the Indian Captain’s life to play Rahane and KL instead of Rohit and Dhawan respectively. Kohli finally decided to voice his opinion on the matter when he quoted in a recent press conference that it’s funny how everyone did not want Rahane to play in the last test match and now that has changed. Everyone is saying he should be. We don’t decide our playing X1 as per outside opinion.

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While by no means does this mean that Kohli is giving a signal that they don’t wish to play Rahane but he has surely made it clear that he is not one of the captains who would like to listen to everyone – he would rather take it up his chin and play fire by fire. Well, Cric Crak would love to know your opinion on this one. Do you think Kohli is answerable to everyone on why he did not pick or will pick Rahane or do you think he did the right thing by taking a dig at his critics and to shut them up completely?


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