We all know by now how active Virender Sehwag is on social media. He has been winning hearts all over by his fun and humorous tweets. He has not spared anyone and we mean this in a very good way. He likes to pull a leg or two or three more often that not and keeps his fans thoroughly entertained all the time.

Source :Top Yaps

On the contrary how often do we see Sehwag trolling himself only? Yeah, you read that right Ladies and Gentlemen. One such occasion recently ,Sehwag took us back to the bad old days after the best days in Indian cricket. Remember right after we won the 2011 World Cup and were crowned World Champions we went to England and lost 4-0? We had Sachin, Sehwag, Dravid, Laxman and Gambhir and still it was like hell down under. Couldn’t have been worse right?

For some reason, Sehwag exhibiting the good sportsmanship he always does, recalled that nightmare tour and reminded his fans of the via the microblogging site twitter.

Sehwag twetted along with a picture of himself, ” On this day 6 years ago, I honoured Aryabhatta unwillingly by scoring a king pair in Birmingham. Full On Kacccha Limbu Waali Feeling”. Check this out..

Cric Crak feels the wounds have healed by now and is glad that Sehwag decided to have some fun and entertain us like he always has been. Cricket and life both can get quite serious at times and characters like Veeru only make it better and more joyful .

We wish more power to the Indian Cricket Team and hope that when we go to England in June 2018, the story is the other way around with the end result being the same.



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