Watch: AB De Villiers Pays Tribute To Amitabh Bachchan.

Abraham Benjamin De Villiers or AB De Villiers is a penultimate batting machine in the cricket arena today. He was drilled into sports at a very young age, being dominated by elder brothers pushing him into competitive family games! Guessing that’s where his resilience built up! “It’s part of the African culture, playing it hard and doing your best,” he says.

The sports streak in him is so strong that AB is also a hockey, football, rugby, tennis and badminton champ! Just when we thought he couldn’t get any better (read hotter, all the ladies in the house!) he decided to do this adorable video. His never say die attitude comes across strong in him trying to hum a song in a completely alien language and that too complete with the top notes et al!

Royal Challengers Bangalore’s director, Sid Mallya asks AB in a candid chat, whether he knows any specific words in Hindi or Kannada and the South African surprises everyone with a masterstroke by singing a Hindi song! YES, not words but a SONG! And for all, you old movie buffs out there, the song he chose to sing was none other than the evergreen hit “Yeh Dosti, Hum Nahi chodenge” from the classic movie Sholay. He had sung it with another powerhouse, our very own King Khan at a function concluded before the interview.

As of today, AB is ranked amongst the best in the world. Looks like he is set to bust the charts for further international hits in cricket and now in music too! This could come as a revelation to many, who simply know AB de Villiers as South Africa’s star batsman and of course Royal Challengers Bangalore’s big-hitter in the IPL. Keep rocking AB!

We simply love you! You are the best athlete in the world and there is no higher praise than that.


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