Watch: Dale Steyn takes on a baby in what turns out to be an ultimate contest

He can rattle the stumps with his sharp Yorkers, and if needed, the South African pacer can hit the titanium helmet for his own good. He is one of the most deadly fast bowlers in world cricket but for some reason, the three-month walking baby had no interest in his cricketing feats.

Dale Steyn was put to a tough test where he faced the baby for an entire day. Both were up for the challenge and can be seen hitting the breakfast table together early morning. Steyn must have gone through many drills but he will certainly remember following the hyperactive kid all day long.

By afternoon, the aggressive seamer admitted that his lower back is taking too much toll and he was clearly not enjoying much of the happenings. Steyn finally gives up around 7:12 pm after failing to match the baby’s energy level, and he gestured the same towards the camera’s while the kid was very much running around the four walls.

New Balance sends the right message to all the viewers when it say’s one needs to keep pushing the limits and keep improving to beat the odds. In this case, it was the little baby who won the hearts and also the contest.  So next time you see the Steyn-gun firing on all cylinders, you must know the inspiration behind it.


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