Watch Sachin Tendulkar’s First Interview Ever!

It’s been a little over 3 years since the little master retired, but the chants of ‘Sachin!Sachin!’will remain etched in every cricket fan’s memory.

Now let us rewind a few years and imagine a regular 16-year-old  high school teenager facing the camera and off- course eventually facing all the big boys of international cricket and smashing them all over. How often does that happen?

He is still as innocent as he was back in those days and that surely speaks volumes about his character.

In this video, The young Tendulkar talks about his aspirations of playing cricket at the highest level and how he is looking forward to facing the lethal fast bowlers from the West Indies. Cric-Crak thinks he looks quite adorable with his monosyllable answers and the famous Indian nod.

He tells Tom Alter that, “This is just the start ” and what a start THAT turned out to be.

He shattered all batting records thereafter! No wonder He is who He is.


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