Watch: This Video Of The Pakistan Version Of Virat Kohli Is Going Viral For All The Right Reasons!

Pakistan has been losing to us more often than not in the recent past. A lot of the Pakistan cricketers have openly admited how much they would love a player like the charmtastic Virat Kohli in their team.

Well, Well, seems like their prayers have been asnwered and they have finally found their version of Kohli. This video shot by MR Mustafa Sohail from Karachi has been breaking the internet in Pakistan. Check this out Ladies and Gentlemen..

Striking resemblance¬†isn’t it? They said there are 7 people in the World who have similar faces like us and the Real Virat Kohli has surely found one of them! Having said that, Cric Crak is proud that India has the real one and Pakistan the fake one!


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