You Will LoveThis Picture Of Rahul Dravid Treating His Son And His Cricket Team To Ice Cream

Rahul Dravid is the nicest cricketer on planet earth. Brett Lee once quoted, ” If you can’t get along with Dravid then your surely struggling in life”. He is exactly the man the coaches want you to be.

Also known as The Wall, the former Indian captain retired with an average of 52.31 in Test Cricket and has close to 25 thousand runs across all formats of the game. Luckily for all his fans and the Indian team management, he has openly accepted the role to coach younger players after he decided to call it a day in regards to his career. He has trained many teams like Delhi, Rajasthan Royals, India- A, India – Under 19 etc but now with the new BCCI clause, he would only stick to the national teams and not mentor in franchise cricket anymore.

Source: DeccanChronicile

According to the new rule, he could choose one and he chose to coach the young Indian boys who play for the country instead. That’s what was expected of the man he is. Considering he coaches so many youngsters he is ought to be good with them. He is good with everyone irrespective. Just recently, Rahul Dravid’s fan club posted a picture where he had taken his son Samit and his teammates to treat them to some ice cream at a Baskin Robins outlet in Bangalore. Enjoy this and make it a beautiful day.

Cric Crak wishes Love and Light to Jammy, Samit and the entire team and would like to thank Sir Rahul Dravid once again for his contribution to Indian Cricket till now. Hope there is much more to come though. More Power to you Jammy!


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