After Years Dravid Finally Reveals The Name Of The Most Difficult Bowler He Has Ever Faced

Rahul Dravid was rock solid in his defense. The opposition bowlers bowled for hours and hours only to always end up going back to their run-ups and trying the same thing all over again. It was simply impossible to grab the wicket of ‘The Great Wall Of India’. Dravid was a man who it seems actually came out to the textbook and displayed his skill with complete finesse.

Image Source: Wisden India

Many bowlers feared the right-handed batsman from India but there was one man, who the man feared himself. Who was he? Well, he was a tall man from Australia who was also known as ‘Pigeon’. Well, if you’re thinking it’s Glenn McGrath, you got that absolutely right Ladies and Gentlemen.

Dravid expressed that McGrath was somebody who would always test his knowledge outside the off stump and he was someone who could test him for hours. Jammy went on to term Glenn McGrath not only the best bowler Australia had in those days, but also the best bowler the world has ever produced.

Image Source: Cricket

He also stated that whenever McGrath bowled to him he always had to think about how to score a run as it was really hard to figure him out completely. Well, Cric Crak wonders what the wonderful Glenn McGrath will have to say to that?


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