Zaheer Khan and Yuvraj Singh are known to have the best of the friendships in the cricketing circuit and they proved it yet again by pulling each other’s leg in a recent talk show hosted by Gaurav Kapoor. Gaurav who also has his very own You Tube channel recently hosted Zaheer Khan in his talk show called Breakfast With Champions. The show is primarily about having a fun conversation with different cricketers over breakfast.

The locations for the shoot differ from a roof top restaurant to a hotel to even a cricketers own house. This time, the host Gaurav Kapoor decided to invite himself to Zaheer Khan’s house. Zaheer was at his witty best and asked Gaurav to help him make some bread and eggs with him.


While the 2 were chatting along while making breakfast Gaurav happened to ask the fast bowler on who he thinks is the best cook in the Indian Team to which Zaheer replied, ” I know Yuvraj Singh is definitely not a good cook. He can cook up stories but breakfast and all he can’t. He can’t even make eggs”.

Funnily Gaurav even hosted a show at Yuvraj Singh’s house after a few episodes and clearly let the left hander know what Zaheer thought about him. He went a step ahead and told Yuvraj that according to Zaheer he can’t even boil water.

To our surprise, Yuvraj especially made toast and boiled some water on camera just to prove a point to Zaheer Khan. Cric Crak highly recommends you to watch at least the first 6 minutes of this video to understand the entire story yourself.

Cric Crak would also like to Gaurav Kapoor who has come out with such an interesting show which surely allows us to know the cricketers better than ever and get an insight into their lives.



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